Find your perfect compact, camera drone.

There are so many drones on the market now, it's hard to know which ones are truely compact enough to store in a backpack. Some drones are absolutely tiny and a great price, but leave you wanting for higher quality pictures. These are perfectly suited to beginners who might not be as confident flying their drone yet (believe me, losing a drone is not fun).
As you move up the cost chart though, there are some truely fantastic options that offer great camera quality in a compact form.
Portabliity has been a big selling point for many drone makers as they realised the everyday person wants to be able to fit their drone into a backpack and be able to travel around with it to the best shooting locations.

So here you can see all the drones in the Copterlist database that could be considered portable or compact. What's more, each of these also features a camera.

You can click through to the drones profile to learn more about it, like it's weight and camera quality. And see more photos of it.


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