Copterlist is a unique tool for finding a drone that meets your budget & requirements. Photography drones, gifts and enthusiasts alike will love using copterlist.

Quadcopters or "drones" started playing a big part in my life. At work, I was seeing the big name ones being used by videographers to take incredible footage, my family would use smaller ones on the weekend to film their sports events, my partner and I kept a small drone in our backpack for hikes and even my 5 year old brother had a couple of toy ones we would fly around the yard.

Almost everyone I know has some form of quadcopter, regardless of age bracket. The breadth of what's available on the market to cater to this is amazing. But I found first hand how hard it can be to find a drone for yourself or as a gift if you've never bought one. There's so many features and price points, the decision making can take away from the fun of flying!

Even if you are a bit of an expert, it's hard to even keep up with the new features coming out to find your next drone.

So I built this handy tool that gathers data for all the quadcopters I can find and makes it a bit easier to narrow down your choices based on your desired features, brand, pricepoint and much more.

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