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Sao Paulo, Brazil, international lighting fair
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Guangzhou puno stage lighting co., LTD. Pay close attention to show progress, focus on the latest trends of the industry information!

Show time: the 2014-04-24-2014-04-24

Exhibits range

Public lighting, tunnel lighting, highway lighting, security lighting, medical lighting, advertising lighting.

Stage lighting, theater lighting, theater lighting, photography lighting。

Decorative lighting, home lighting, decoration lighting, lighting underwater and fountains。

Industrial and commercial lighting: the industrial and commercial lighting equipment and accessories.

Others: lighting lighting control and automation, heat sensitive material, lighting accessories, light source and diode, lighting accessories, transformer, remote control and igniter, etc.

The exhibition of data

Previous reviews

Area: 22000 square meters

The number of exhibitors: 200

Audience: 21000

Participating countries: China, USA, Japan, Italy and other 13 countries

The exhibition to introduce

Sao Paulo, Brazil, lighting exhibition EXPOLUX is by Brazil's famous exhibition organizations Alcantara Machdo & Reed exhibition company, is one of South America influential class exhibition lighting.

Sao Paulo, Brazil, lighting exhibition exhibition in 1988, every two years, has been held successfully for 13 years, is one of South America influential class exhibition lighting.

Expolux is adapt to Brazil and South America region growing demand for lighting and lighting products specially set up, gather the world's largest lighting, lamps and lanterns, and other industries company. And every year to trade international buyers are also growing, and becomes a very important in Brazil building materials exhibition zone. Each year the number of international visitors increase to a certain extent reflects the vast market demand in Brazil and the surrounding. Every session of exhibition attracted a large number of South America, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and so on business negotiation. , therefore, to participate in this exhibition to expand product propaganda, develops the South American countries lighting and market of lamps and lanterns is very good.


The exhibition business opportunities

The exhibition is the Latin American region the largest and most influential professional exhibitions of lamps and lanterns, gathered the world's largest lighting, lamps and lanterns, and other industries company

To attract high quality buyers from around the world

The effect of the government in order to show in domestic and international have done a lot of publicity.


Market analysis

Members of the southern cone common market in South America for Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, with a total area of 1200 square kilometers, about 58.8% throughout Latin America; With a population of two hundred million, 44.24% of the entire Latin America's population. Four member states a total of about $one hundred trillion two hundred billion in gross national product, on foreign trade amounted to $106.8 billion, is a force of cannot be ignored. Brazil is in South America for the first big country, is also the center of the countries of South America market, to the neighboring countries and regions have very strong radiation ability and industrial leadership.

Brazil lighting market &#118alue of $2。3 billion in 2011。 Brazil lighting industry a total of 604 companies, 58% is located in the state of Sao Paulo。 Over the next five years, Brazil lighting lighting market scale will increase from $2011 in 2。3 billion to $2016 in 4。72 billion, expanded to 50%, the average annual growth of 15。44%。

Lighting lighting products in Brazil in recent years, China is gradually increasing the proportion of imports, rose from 43.45% in 2007 to 60.22% in 2011, Brazilian lighting lighting import dependence increase gradually in China.

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