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Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Light bulb: YODN R17/350W compatible OSRAM PHILIPS R17/350W
Color temperature: 7500K
Lamp life: 2000 hours
Color: 1 color plate, 13 colors + white light, half color, two-way flow
Pattern: 1 rotating pattern plate, 9 replaceable pattern pieces + white light, one-way rotation, pattern plate can be shaken
Fixed pattern: 1 fixed pattern plate, 17 patterns, pattern plate can be shaken, can flow in both directions
Prism: 1 rotatable prism, another rotating mirror or octagonal, one-way rotation
Mirror head: High-precision multi-group glued optical lens
Soft light effect: Adjustable soft light angle
Beam: Multi-level beam angle change effect
Focusing: Linear focusing
Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment
Beam angle: 2 degrees - 56 degrees
Projection range: X to 540 degrees, Y to 270 degrees, can automatically correct positioning
Scanning speed: X to 2.6 seconds / 540 degrees, Y to 1.24 seconds / 270 degrees
Strobe: Dual strobe structure, strobe 0.5-14 times / sec
Number of motors: 16 ultra-quiet motors, two of which are three-phase motors, 16Bit drive
Control method: International standard DMX512, self-propelled mode, etc.
Control channel: 2 control channel mode selection, 16/24 channels.
Time function: record the total working hours and working hours of lamps and bulbs in the menu
Appearance: high temperature resistant plastic casing, high strength alloy cold formed core material
Intelligent cooling: Using wind direction drainage and temperature intelligent monitoring technology, according to the temperature of different positions of the lamps, the cooling fans in different parts of the lamps are automatically driven to effectively cool the lamps.
Protection level: IP20, optional rain cover protection level up to IP45.
[Features] Input signal isolation protection function ensures signal transmission is stable and undisturbed;
The high-quality focusing lens projects a small angle beam, which makes the beam feel strong; with high-speed strobe effect,
The beam is more powerful; the minimum pattern spot and the maximum pattern spot are large, the spot is clear, clean, and the picture quality is good.
Size: 320*290*640mm (length, width, height) Body weight: 26KG


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